Photo of Lesbian Couple Making Up After a Fight

Relationship problems are common in both straight and lesbian relationships. Avoid them to begin with and have a happy relationship. Photo courtesy of Ignacio Leonardi.

We are lucky to live in a day and age when lesbian relationships are becoming more accepted. In most places, you can walk freely and openly with your partner, talk openly about your relationship, and even express affection. But that doesn’t mean that it’s easy or that
lesbian relationships are problem free.

But with all of this new freedom come new issues. Before, it might not have been so common to come across other lesbian couples, but now with more and more people out of the closet, it is much easier to meet new people. There was always a possibility of jealousy before, but now that lesbianism is more accepted and potential partners are easier to find, couples are starting to experience jealousy a bit more often.

The answer to this problem is actually not to keep a sharper eye on your partner. It’s the exact opposite. Remember, she needs some time to herself and to feel free and young and fun. Have fun with her but respect her space.

Remember that although your partner loves you very much, she also has to have a life outside the life you have together. Basically, don’t suffocate her and she’ll be responsive and loyal to you. Make your relationship as beautiful, fun, and fulfilling as possible and she won’t think twice when she sees another woman.

You should realize that in any relationship, understanding and accepting who your partner is help make the relationship last. If you start to get annoyed by any of your partner’s habits, you can tell her. Be open and honest. Don’t be manipulative or controlling. Talk about your likes and dislikes and what you can both do to make healthy and positive changes.

Some women use sex to avoid confrontation of the real problems at hand, but this should not be the case because after the moment passes, problems and issues don’t just fade away into thin air. The problems will still be there and remain a problem unless it is addressed by both of you. Communication plays a big role in solving any problems and also prevents fights due to misunderstanding. Stop the downward spiral before it starts.


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